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Hello! This page was supposed to about my cat, Tigre 15, who passed away the 9th of March 2022. I wanted to be even with my babies and make a webpage for him too, but just the idea of working on this page fills me with great sadness. I wasn't over his loss as much as i tought i was, but i decided to leave a small text about him for people who are intersted to know him even if i don't have the courage to work on this page yet!

I got tigre when he was already 5 years old at a shelter, me and all of my family members fell in love with him immediatley, he was a huge brown tabby cat with wonderful fur and big green eyes, but what got us was his personality: in fact the first thing he did when he saw us was trying to get picked up by my brother.
After that, we spent 7 wonderful years with him, our fits impression was right: he was a trurly loving cat, everyone who met him agreed that he was very special and affectionate towards us. The first night he spent with us, he tried to climb on my bed, and slept with either me or my brother ever since. He didn't like playing a lot (eve tough i still keep his favourite green fish toy), he preferred to sit on your lap and purr for hours while you worked.
He was a regal cat, always looking at everything with a bit of a sense of superiority, always moving elegantly even if his body shape was a bit goofy (he was a bit of a chonker, with tiny tiny feet!). This regal facade fell a bit when he failed jumping on the table, bringing whatever was on the tablecloth down with him, or when he whined until my mom gave him tuna, but we still called him the king of the house.
He also meowed a lot, it felt like he replied to our questions, and he asked us things! of course he wasn't really "talking" , but we felt like he did.
He spent his last moments hugged to my brother, we had to put him down because his lungs collapsed.
I love Mou to death, but i still miss Tigre, i still have dreams of him waking me up with whiny meows like he usually did, and i still expect to see him come to greet me when i open the door home, he was trurly my special boy and he will always live in my memory and the memories of all the people who loved him (it was impossible not to!).
I am sure he is watching over Mou now, telling her to drink from our glasses and steal my mom's ham.